We’re registered! And logistical questions

February 11, 2013

Allow me to officially introduce the newly registered Broodjes & Bier LLC! It didn’t make sense to undertake an official legal activities until we were funded, but thanks to 100 very awesome people, last night I was able to pop a Yuengling and get down with the online office of the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Woot!

Obviously the last 14 days have been all about funding. Money is the fuel that will drive this train (was that weird?). That said, with this week devoted to legal and partnership talks, and even more fundraising, I’m starting to wonder when we get back to cooking! Alas, that’s business :)

One of the biggest decisions we’ll make in the next two weeks is how we choose to package our broodjes. Initially, the consensus was butcher paper. There’s an authentic, nostalgic feel to it, plus it’s practical. BUT, I’ve always taken a bit of an issue with wrapped sandwiches. The ingredients tend to get squished in. Products on the shelf for more than one day are the worst offenders, but it’s nevertheless worth considering. So…I’m thinking boxes.
Specifically, small paper boxes just big enough to fit the sandwich. The logic is that the box will allow the sandwich to breathe. We won’t need to twist it around in paper which means the components will remain springy and fresh. I believe it’ll be much more of an enjoyable experience to open the box and see a fresh, bountiful Broodje staring back.
If you’re not really able to visualize it, no worries. I’ll take some pics tonight and upload ASAP! What do you guys think though?

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