Update & New Goals!

February 7, 2013


Firstly, on behalf of the entire Broodjes & Bier team, thank you so much. The outpour of enthusiasm has been incredibly humbling, and because of you we hit our 24 day Kickstarter goal in a little under 4 days.

It’s official: Come early March, we’ll be able to serve you delicious and fresh Broodjes on Capitol Hill. Your pledges have covered one month of ingredients and packaging. It’s a head start we did not have a week ago.

All of this being said, there are 17 days left in this campaign and there’s no reason we can’t accomplish double what we did in those first four. One month of ingredients is great, but with two months squared away we’ll be able to worry less about cash flow, and more about what we’re putting in your belly.

We would also love to serve you broodjes in a sit down environment where you can enjoy good food and beer with the people you care about most. Our prepackaged concept is tight, but we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve served best hot.

Come May, we hope to do that through a pop-up dinner series, where you can experience the whole sandwich and beer concept in full swing. With your continued support in the next 17 days of this campaign, we’ll be able to raise the capital to rent a space, buy ingredients, and bring Broodjes & Bier to life for an evening at a restaurant or cafe in Capitol Hill.

To be sure, there are a few new risks associated with us passing our goal and moving the campaign forward. As more and more supporters pledge at numbers for a free Broodje Co. sandwich, we have to think about when those rewards will be claimed. High quality is the foundation of our pitch. As a small team, we’re thinking through ways to control the flow of reward claims to ensure we’re still putting out the best food we can. That said, these our challenges we’re confident we can surmount through a little ingenuity, and of course, your help (send me your thoughts!)

You got us this far, and we’re confident you can help us make it the rest of the way there. In the spirit of full transparency, I’ve outlined our costs below and put in bold our new stretch Kickstarter goal.

Lets do this!

The Broodjes & Bier Team

$1,200.00 – An additional month of ingredients and packaging
$2,500.00 – Our Very First Pop-up
$300.00 – Fluctuationa in food costs AND to even it all up

$7,500.00 – Stretch Kickstarter Goal!

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