About Us

Broodjes & Bier is a Dutch-inspired prepared foods company based in Washington, DC. We handcraft gourmet sandwiches, salads and breakfast bowls with premium ingredients and fresh flavor profiles. We are on a mission to change the way people think about prepared foods.

Each broodje is a labor of love.

First, we carefully select our ingredients, from locally baked European style bread to 18-month aged Gouda imported from the Netherlands. Then, we dream up hearty yet surprising combos—lox and peppered bacon on sourdough, maple mayonnaise with Bosc pear and brie—so every bite bursts with unique flavor and texture. Last but very most, we make every sandwich on our menu by hand, each morning, and deliver daily to stores and pop-ups (and cater for private events) across VA and the capitol.

You can currently find our sandwiches at partner locations across DC and VA under the name, ‘Broodje Co.’, our prepared sandwich label.

How We Started

Our name, in Dutch, means “Sandwiches & Beer.” In 2010, founder Sarah “Frim” Frimpong traveled to Amsterdam for a year of study abroad. After her first bite of a Dutch broodje, Frim made it her mission to ferret out the best sandwiches of the city. She weaved her way through Amsterdam’s stone-paved streets and left no cobble unturned, honing her palette with each broodje she discovered. By the time she returned home, Frim’s passion for sandwich making was full-fledged and ready for flight.

After graduation, Frim moved to DC and, behind the desk at her corporate sales job, she poured her energy into researching small business models and crafting a menu. “All of the sandwiches I had in Amsterdam were classic combinations that were a cut above the rest, strictly based on the quality of what was being used. I thought, if we can apply this philosophy of quality in the US, and take it even further and have some fun with the flavors, a touch of ‘American ingenuity,’ if you will – how amazing would that be?’’

Frim quit her 9-5, registered Broodjes & Bier Restaurant Group LLC, and launched a Kickstarter campaign. Broodjes donors rushed the gates and far exceeded the campaign’s modest expectations. Frim used the funds to invest in quality ingredients and colorful packaging to sell the original Broodjes & Bier sandwiches through The Silver Spork in Eastern Market.

Where We’re Going

We currently focus on raising the bar for prepared sandwiches in DC under the label, Broodje Co. Broodje Co. represents our ready-to-eat sandwich product and is available in a number of partner locations across DC and VA. The motto behind Broodje Co. is simple and focused: saving time shouldn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Today, we are working on building out the Broodje Co. business as we gear up to open our own restaurant in the future.

To achieve this goal, we signed a lease with Union Kitchen, a culinary startup incubator that supports local small businesses and food entrepreneurs. The folks at Union Kitchen are as passionate about delivering good food to the folks of DC as we are. Their support has helped us take another generous leap towards our dream: our very own brick & mortar, a shop devoted entirely to crafting Broodjes and plating them up, just for you.

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