Our Digital Facelift

August 27, 2014

Oh, man. What a summer it has been.

If you haven’t checked in with the Broodjes team for awhile, we have more than a few updates to share, the most important (and obvious) of which is the beautiful interface you’re looking at right now.

In an effort to further refine and better communicate the Broodjes & Bier vision, we’ve completely re-tooled our website to represent and be the best (digital) ambassador of what we do: provide high-quality, inventive sandwiches made with premium ingredients.

In June, our summer goal was to drive more revenue in catering which was easily a weaker category for us when compared to our wholesale business. Closing a catering deal is most different from closing a wholesale account in that there is rarely a cold call and a sales meeting.

The folks who order catering for their office lunch or business meeting go to your website and make a snap judgement on whether you’re professional enough to provide a fantastic lunch experience for their event. The passionate pitch is not delivered by the food or the founder, but by the website.

That’s the mindset we approached this redesign with. The new broodjesandbier.com needed to sell as hard and as ruthlessly as our sandwiches and I do everyday. It needed to celebrate our broodjes and be as clean, simple, and beautiful as the products we make and delivery daily. It couldn’t be gimmicky, but instead 100% focused.

Today, as we launch, we’re confident that the new broodjesandbier.com is all of the above. Click around, share, and please use the contact page to tell us what you think!

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