Broodjes, Bier & Blues: The skinny on our first pop-up

September 11, 2013

We’re popping up!

After 5 months of slinging our five sandwich menu at The Silver Spork, we’re amped to announce our inaugural sandwich and bier extravaganza: Prost! A Sandwich & Bier Pop!

If you haven’t visited The Silver Spork patio, there is no better opportunity than Friday, September 20th. It truly is one of the best outdoor spaces on Capitol Hill.

A bit of inside scoop:

Initially, we were wedded to running this first event restaurant style. Our goal was to bring the Broodjes & Bier brick and mortar to life via friendly table service and a long list of specialty Belgian beers. That is, after all, our long-term vision and dream.

Still, we couldn’t envision synthesizing our sandwich roster to a small menu and asking you, our customers, to choose just a single broodje from an already concentrated offering. We can hardly make the choice ourselves.

At 5 months old, we’re youthful and chock-full of energy. Our team builds new sandwiches daily and just as often sends our beloved broodjes to the recipe graveyard, never to see the light of a sandwich lovers hungry grin again.

We’re hungry for you to try the multitude of what we have to offer and impatient for your feedback. (We literally hope you’re hungry too!)

So, we’re organizing Prost! a bit differently.

The focus for this event will be treating you to a greater selection of our menu — tapas style. Of course, we’ll keep the classics on hand like the Vondel Park and Paradiso. We’re also going to introduce you to some of our latest obsessions like our Guyanese braised beef broodje and deli-style roast lamb.

Hopefully, in doing so, we’ll better introduce our point of view AND get some unscripted feedback in the process.

Prost! will be an incredibly fun and exciting event So, please RSVP, buy your early bird tickets, and share with your networks! After all, broodjes and biers are only as delicious when enjoyed with close friends :)

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