Milestones, Nutella, etc.

March 5, 2013

If I’ve learned anything over the course of the last two months (re broodjes & bier), it’s that you have to wig out over the little things.

We’ve hit a few milestones since Jan. 1 that seem small (they’re small), but are indicative of a growing operation.

Jan. 1, I made myself open to total embarrasment and shame by making this blog live. I emailed 20 of my closest friends to update them on what I’ve been working on (from my broodjes email account, no less) and invited them to share in our progress over the month to come. Feb 1 we launched our Kickstarter campaign, and by then I had talked (and fed) four others into the journey. March 1, our funds were disbursed and I opened a Broodjes & Bier Restaurant Group LLC (got to keep an eye on the future…) bank account…Okay, I’ll stop being sentimental, but you get the point.

We’re in full throttle trying to get things together for Broodje Co. The box vs. paper debate was settled via social media. Verdict: we’ll be going with butcher paper. They protected the sandwich equally after being refrigerated for 12 hrs and frankly, the paper is more economical on a few fronts.

We’re busy this week choosing between two sandwiches to add to our Broodje Co. roster (sneak peak: apple & bacon chicken salad vs. salted bacon nutella and fruit ie YOLO). I imagine it’s a lot like choosing which of your children you love most…

Factors to consider: 1) chicken salad will sell to a lunch and dinner crowd; 2) chicken salad is a fine balance to our veggie and pork options; 3) salted bacon nutella is salted bacon nutella; 4) see 3; 5) it’s a snack-ier, lighter option than the other sandwiches we’ll be doing.

Obviously, cost is another MAJOR deciding factor. A) can we even afford to do another sandwich at the spork without a month of data under our belts? B) nutella’s not cheap, people. nor is thick cut bacon. Leave the economics to me though. What do you want to eat?

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