Popping-Up Across the District

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The broodjes have entered the building!

Since the aggressive launch of Broodje Co., Broodjes & Bier’s wholesale sandwich arm, the team has introduced lunch pop-ups as a more personalized service for our customers. These pop-ups not only help Broodje Co. diversify its client base, reaching DC professionals who often haven’t heard of the Dutch-inspired sandwich company before, but also provide a huge amount of fun for staff. After countless hours in the kitchen, there’s nothing better than meeting face-to-face with customers for a delicious lunch time break. Additionally, for the organizations we work with, Broodje Co. pop-ups offer a way to provide easy and affordable lunch options to employees.

The other great sell for these events: samples! We bring our Broodje Board to each of these events and serve samples of everything for sale. After hearing a quick summary of the ingredients in each broodje, people usually try one or two samples before deciding on their lunch for the day. In addition to the sandwiches, the pop-ups also provide chips and drinks to round out the meal.

Broodje Co. has popped-up at a number of different locations all over the city, from Chinatown to Downtown and Shaw. We’re always on the search for new locales, so if you’d like to see Broodje Co. pop-up at your office, please email frim@broodjesandbier.com for more info.

Written by Janny F.