Broodjes @ Union Kitchen

Union Kitchen in Washington, DC

Union Kitchen in Washington, DC

BB is doing the ol’ one, two step to the DC food incubator, Union Kitchen!

After an amazingly fun and enjoyable year with the Silver Spork family, it’s time for us to make the pilgrimage to NE.

For those not familiar with Union Kitchen, it’s a phenomenal commercial kitchen in Northeast DC that over 55 food-preneurs call home. Here, Broodjes will have a dedicated space to ramp up production, a full kitchen to try new flavor profiles and techniques, and a grip of new folks to meet. While we no longer have sandwiches available at Silver Spork, we’ll be announcing the 3 locations you’ll be able to find us at early next week.
Perhaps most exciting about this move is the opportunity to be surrounded by fellow food ‘treps. I spend a good amount of my free time both sampling and staying abreast of the DC local food scene. As such, more than a handful of the names Broodjes will be working alongside are folks I have, from afar, followed and respected. Now, we’re neighbors! Here’s to moving on up in this DC foodie world.

On a related and similarly exciting note, new kitchen plus new sandwiches = BROODJES CATERING 

Allow me to introduce our newest fundraising initiative: THE 8 DAYS OF CATERING
While our catering options are open year round, 8 DAYS OF CATERING is our dedicated push to raise money via feeding your hungry bellies for the new labels and packaging for our latest broodjes.
WHEN: February 28th – March 8th
DETAILS: NO delivery fee. We’ll bring them to your doorstep, free of charge.
THE MENU: BB Catering Menu
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