Soft Launch Vs. Hard Launch and the Skinny on Our Menu

I’ve been a neglectuful blogger, and for that I apologize.

With launch and the collecting of collateral (ie sitting on my front porch casually waiting for the UPS wo(man) to arrive), I’ve made lame excused not to post. 

That ends here! Firstly, an important update. 
Broodjes launched! We’re officially crafting and slinging sandwiches out of Silver Spork seven days a week.
Here’s the skinny on the food…
The current four sandwich menu features a veggie option (The Classic – fun fact, I ate this sandwich at least once a day for 3 yrs) and a gratuitous breakfast delight (Paradiso – Salted Bacon Nutella, sliced strawberries on buttery, awesome brioche…I personally call this one the ‘YOLO’. I tried to make the name happen with the team, but, as you can see, I was outvoted). 
We showcase the subtle deliciousness of Goat Gouda with Vondel Park (goat gouda, prosciutto, fig jam, a 25 yr aged balsamic reduction) and freshen up some white meat chicken with the Jordaan (Apple & Bacon Chicken Salad. The greek yogurt sauce keeps this stuff super fresh and surprisingly light. The fresh chopped dill helps too).
It’s a menu we’re excited to serve and even more excited to expand on in the future! 
For now, we’ve ‘soft launched’. This was done in an effort to acclimate the team to the operations side of this business as it’s relatively new territory for everyone. 
As we understand it (and as we’re executing it), a soft launch is really just about limiting marketing. When we were Kickstarting, we tweeted, shared, and spammed every single thing we did. Our goal was to expose ourselves and our effort to the most people possible. 
Soft launching has been about creating just the right amount of buzz to bring people in the door, but not enough to stir the masses. It has been an exercise in self-control. That said, it’s a process that will pay off once those processes of operating Broodjes are clear to us. We’ll have systems in place to scale with the increase in interest (which wil hopefully convert to demand!) and keep providing a product we’re proud of and confident in.
I will say, keeping my mouth shut and my fingers still has been tough. That said, if you’re reading this blog, you’re the customer we need to try our food. You’re also the customer we need to provide us with the feed back that will make our hard launch a success. So, if you have any at all (or if you just want to say hi!), please comment or email us directly. We love hearing from everyone, but especially cherish these conversations at this point in our growth!
Until later this week (this is me holding myself accountable)! 


Check out our menu below, available exclusively at Silver Spork (303 7th St SE) on Capitol Hill now!


Milestones, Nutella, etc.

If I’ve learned anything over the course of the last two months (re broodjes & bier), it’s that you have to wig out over the little things.

We’ve hit a few milestones since Jan. 1 that seem small (they’re small), but are indicative of a growing operation.

Jan. 1, I made myself open to total embarrasment and shame by making this blog live. I emailed 20 of my closest friends to update them on what I’ve been working on (from my broodjes email account, no less) and invited them to share in our progress over the month to come. Feb 1 we launched our Kickstarter campaign, and by then I had talked (and fed) four others into the journey. March 1, our funds were disbursed and I opened a Broodjes & Bier Restaurant Group LLC (got to keep an eye on the future…) bank account…Okay, I’ll stop being sentimental, but you get the point.

We’re in full throttle trying to get things together for Broodje Co. The box vs. paper debate was settled via social media. Verdict: we’ll be going with butcher paper. They protected the sandwich equally after being refrigerated for 12 hrs and frankly, the paper is more economical on a few fronts.

We’re busy this week choosing between two sandwiches to add to our Broodje Co. roster (sneak peak: apple & bacon chicken salad vs. salted bacon nutella and fruit ie YOLO). I imagine it’s a lot like choosing which of your children you love most…

Factors to consider: 1) chicken salad will sell to a lunch and dinner crowd; 2) chicken salad is a fine balance to our veggie and pork options; 3) salted bacon nutella is salted bacon nutella; 4) see 3; 5) it’s a snack-ier, lighter option than the other sandwiches we’ll be doing.

Obviously, cost is another MAJOR deciding factor. A) can we even afford to do another sandwich at the spork without a month of data under our belts? B) nutella’s not cheap, people. nor is thick cut bacon. Leave the economics to me though. What do you want to eat?